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What makes the future enticing? We as humans have not always welcomed progress with open arms, but it is now a normative reaction to embrace new technologies as they become available. However, what do we do when we are no longer able to decipher what is good for humanity and what will lead us down an end with devastating results we were never prepared to combat?

Often when unforeseen anomalies transpire we harken back to the good ole’ “days of old” and remember yesteryear fondly. But, what if you weren’t able to trust history either? What if you were suddenly entrenched in complete confusion about what has happened and what is going to happen with no empirical data available to make clear decisions?

Asgaya is a non linear, cerebral series of films taking you through a journey that will have you questioning your very own existence.

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In a dark future where humans are nearly extinct to androids, Max tries to avoid getting captured by Asgaya Corporation the company that promised humans immortality by uploading their consciousness to synthetics humans. Escaping the war zone, Max meets Xar a young boy in search of his sister Ira who was taken by Asgaya Corporation. Max and Xar soon get captured and taken to Asgaya. As Max waits to confront the person behind the company, she retells the events of her time in The Realm of Citehtnys to a young child. Her story is eventually interrupted by a shocking reveal and the confrontation she had been waiting for.